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Finally picked up my new TomTom Go 730T yesterday. And immediately failed to get the mobile traffic service setup. After much searching on the intarwebs and calling t-mobile problem is solved! Yay!

Problem seems to be that TomTom’s preset for T-Mobile (UK) is just plain wrong. I now have this working fine with my HTC Touch Diamond – but any phone with bluetooth and gprs that is able to browse the internets should work fine.


  • Navigate to “TomTom Traffic” from the Main Menu
  • When it asks to setup wireless data service click Yes
  • Rather than select a phone I went for “Other”
  • Select country (UK)
  • Select operator (T-Mobile Contract)
  • It will now faff about trying to connect. At about 60% I see activity on the phone indicating its trying to use GPRS, it then gets to 65% and sits there for an eternity
  • Eventually it says it failed, options are “Other” or “Manual” select Manual
  • Username should be correct: user
  • Password is wrong, it should be: pass
  • DHCP should be automatic
  • DNS should be automatic
  • Number to dial is wrong, it should be *99#
  • Dial string should be correct: at+cgdcont=1,”IP”,”general.t-mobile.uk”
  • Ok that bad boy and with any luck it will manage to connect


If you’re still having problems, double check you can browse the internet from your phone; double check bluetooth is working between phone & TomTom. The above worked for me, your mileage may vary.

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