New blog

Seems the old blog wasn’t getting updated very often. I blame the owner. Over 9 months since the last update. He, on the other hand, blames the software. Typical.

So I’ve decided to move my blog to It’s certainly a nicer environment to work in than I had before on my own hosted site. We’ll see whether that encourages me to post more often or not!

2 thoughts on “New blog

  1. Paul

    Heh! I’m not the first person to set foot in this blog? Surely not. 🙂

    I’m liking a lot the new look blog. Is the banner photo from a WordPress theme or is that something you’ve taken yourself?

    I’m surprised you didn’t move to WordPress a lot sooner. My blog has been on WordPress for sometime after trying out serendipity, but because I’m adamant to host it at home, it doesn’t get published quite as often as it should and is currently down due to firewall problems. Which reminds me, you’ll have to give us some advice on hosting the site somewhere else when you’re over in November.

    Anyhow, nice to see a new and improved website. Lets just hope it gets updated from time to time. 9 months indeed … Seessh! 😉

  2. Hey Paul – you do indeed get the honour of First Post! Banner photo is a standard WordPress affair. Not been out photographing much recently… another reason the blog hasn’t got updated much 😦

    Yeah WordPress is so much better than Serendipity. No idea why I didn’t move sooner. Similar thing, I guess – wanted to host it myself to get total control. But with total control comes the responsibility of managing it – and to be honest, I can’t be arsed.

    So this is now hosted on The only thing I’m hosting is a redirect from to – which maps to Really nice setup. Means its still effectively “my” site, but hosted somewhere else. So I still get to have a blog, but don’t have to piss about managing the software.

    You’ll have to send us a link to your blog once its up & running again 🙂

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