Selenium WebDriver

I’ve started writing a series of posts on webdriver. But, what should I write next? What do you wish someone would explain about Selenium WebDriver?

Or are there other topics you’d like to know more about? Let me know in the comments

2 thoughts on “Selenium WebDriver

  1. Any chance you have experience with issues regarding Selenium Web Driver (2.25) in conjunction with the FF master password dialog?

    I’m on a company intranet. My first efforts with WD doing a driver.get(“https://site_a”) resulted in a “Secure Connection Failed” (ssl_error_handshake_failure_alert) error.

    When I accessed the same site manually, I noticed that the FF master password dialog came up. I also found a second https site where the master password dialog does not come up (BTW, do you know why FF displays the master password dialog for some sites and not others?).

    I accessed this second site in my Java W.D. code and it displayed successfully. So, I came to the conclusion that the “Secure Connection Failed” error with the 1st site was because the master password dialog was asserting itself invisibly, and since the code was not providing the password, the connection was just failing.

    So, my next strategy was to modify the FF profile I had set up in my Java W.D. code and turn the master password off in the FF profile (set (pref.privacy.disable_button.remove_master_password = true). But, this did not fix the issue – I still get “Secure Connection Failed” for the first site.


    1. Sorry not seen that. I know Web driver will struggle with those kind of pop ups. Best approach would be to either stop the pop ups occurring or disable them from Firefox. You might need to set the Firefox profile to trust your server certificate or something.

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