Wow it’s been a busy few weeks – so unfortunately I’ve not been able to post. Hopefully now things have calmed down a bit I can get back into the habit of posting. So what have I been up to?

  • Trip to Barcelona
  • Releases, releases, releases
  • Trip up North to see parents
  • Christmas shopping
  • Met with Mitch, Clare & Emily
  • Book Chain release



Getting out to Barcelona was excellent. Had a great long weekend there staying with Paul, Anna & Michael. Didn’t really do any touristy stuff – did all that last time we were out there. *cough* a couple of years ago *cough*.

Just spent a few really nice days catching up and spending time together. As always the food out there was amazing. I’m always surprised by just how effortlessly the Spanish seem to eat well. We’re really starved of good food in England – I’m continually surprised by the shit we’ll put up with.

Coming back home was a bit of a shock. One day we were walking along the beach in t-shirts, the next we’re back in cold, wet, wintry Britain. Joy.


After our doomed release we had several more patch releases. It’s taken a good 3 weeks to get clear of that release. It’s been an unmitigated nightmare from start to finish. I can’t put up with another one of those – we’re a big, grown up company. Isn’t it about time we sorted our shit out?

Up North

Drove up to see my parents and Sam’s parents. That was really nice – realised we’ve not been up there since, I think, July. So had a good catch up. My parents are really feeling the credit crunch at the minute. My Dad (who runs his own courier firm) hasn’t had much business – obviously when everyone starts to feel the pinch paying for couriers is one of those expenses everyone cuts. Still, things are ticking over – so hopefully as long as he can keep things going he should be ok.

My sister’s boyfriend, Richard, has been made redundant. Which sucks. Don’t think he’s taken the news too well, understandably really. Being made redundant is very much like being kicked in the head.

My gran’s not doing too well either. She celebrated her 90th birthday this year but they’ve just changed all her medication, which always upsets her. So she’s having a difficult time of it.

Christmas Shopping

Then last weekend was the joy of Christmas shopping. Woo. I love Christmas shopping. At least in November the public haven’t yet got the Christmas rage – so its not an entirely soul destroying exercise, just mostly.

At least that’s the bulk of the presents bought now. 

Mitch, Clare & Emily

Met up with Mitch, Clare & Emily over the weekend as well. Went for a nice Sunday lunch in a pub near us. Had a good catch up – although it’s slightly concerning that all my friends now seem to have small children. *sigh*

Book Chain Release

The new Book Chain release finally makes it out. I sorted out the code to add tags a few weeks ago – but what with one thing and another I’ve not been able to release it. I finally found some time on Sunday to sort out a performance problem with a particular bit of SQL and get it released.

That went live last night, with an email announcing it this morning. So far only one bug (if you get your login details wrong you get an error. Boo). And it looks like people have started tagging books in their library – which is great news.


Well that’s me over the last three weeks. It’s been busy, slightly depressing but looking positive. How about you?

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