See film first

Got an interesting email today that very nearly got deleted instantly as spam.

I’ve been contacted by someone at See Film First, wanting to advertise their service on Book Chain in exchange for providing content. Doesn’t seem to be any money in the deal though, which is a shame 🙂

See Film First is a free service where you sign up and they give you the chance to get free tickets to previews of upcoming films. It’s an interesting idea – I’m not really sure there’s too much overlap between people who want free books and people who want free cinema tickets, but the service itself looks really cool. They’re currently pushing “Slumdog Millionaire” and seem to have free tickets left at a number of cinemas across the UK. I’m not just going to post the code here, though. If you’re interested you’ll have to email me I’m afraid.

This leaves me in something of a quandry. There’s no money to be made out of it, but it’s a useful service that Book Chain members might benefit from and it can’t hurt to have some new, interesting content for the site.

Should Book Chain continue to sell out? Or are cinema tickets too far removed from what it’s supposed to be about?

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